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The goal of Project 5-100 is to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.




National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU)

Scientia Libertas Prosperitas

Year of foundation: 1896

Location: Tomsk

Total students: 12,000 / International students: 3,800+

Faculties: 10 / Departments: 77

Faculty: 1,500+

Acting rector: Andrei Yakovlev 


TPU is the leading engineering university with an operating research reactor in the Asian part of Russia.

The latest R&D and educational facilities have enabled TPU to become one of the main institutions for Gazprom, Rosatom and Sibur companies. International partners Schneider Electric, Lapp Group, Woodward, and Huawei open offices and training centers at TPU.

The University is a member of 13 reputable international organizations, including CESAER and CLUSTER. TPU implements ten Double Degree Master's programs in collaboration with leading foreign universities.

The share of international students at TPU is 28%. The University offers scholarships for prospective students.

  • High-Energy Physics
  • Chemistry & Biomedical Technology
  • Non-Destructive Testing & Security
  • Computer Science and Robotics
  • Earth Sciences & Engineering
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  • Energy & Power Engineering
  • Nuclear Science & Engineering
  • Engineering Entrepreneurship
  • Nuclear Technology
  • Natural Resources
  • People & Technology
  • Smart Energy
  • Space Materials Science
  • Chemistry & Biomedical Technology
  • High Energy Physics
  • Non-Destructive Testing & Security
  • IT & Robotics
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology

International collaboration and partnerships

More than 200 cooperation agreements with universities and organizations from 35 countries. TPU strategic partners include:

  • Herriot Watt University (UK)
  • Karlsruhe Technological Institute (Germany)
  • Berlin Technical University (Germany)
  • Munich Technical University (Germany)
  • Ecole Centrale Paris (France)
  • Université Joseph-Fourier (France)
  • Universite Paris Sud 11 (France)
  • Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Technische Universität Wien (Austria)
  • Jilin University (China) 
  • Shenyang Ligong University (China)
  • Aalto University (Finland)

Distinguished alumni

  • Mikhail Mil, Soviet aerospace engineer and a scientist, founder of the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, which is responsible for well-known Soviet Mi helicopter
  • Nikolay Kamov, scientist and a constructor of the Soviet/Russian Ka helicopter
  • Nikolay Nikitin, Soviet architect, designer of Ostankino TV Tower
  • Nikolay Urvantsev,   discoverer of the Norilsk mining region
  • Matvey Kapelushnikov, inventor of the world’s first turbo-drill
  • Oleg Alimov, inventor of a device for drilling in space

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