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Russian International Liaisons Officers Learn from American Colleagues

10 июня 2016 года

A series of seminars entitled “Internationalization of Higher Education in the 21st Century: US University Experience” started on 6 June in the United States. These events will represent the first training projects devoted to internationalization. The event was initiated by Project Office 5-100 and is intended for specialists responsible for various aspects of internationalization in universities and university departments.

The first seminar involves a 2-week training program in the Global Leadership Institute (GLI) and the Center for International Higher Education (CIHE) at Boston College. Participants in the seminar will visit several leading education institutions of the region: Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, North-Eastern University and Olin College of Engineering.

Project 5-100 member universities will have the opportunity to work with some of the best American experts in internationalization as well as with leaders in higher education, including Robert Mauro – Director of the Global Leadership Institute. The trainees will address such topics as the following:

  - the US university experience and the latest trends in the internationalization of higher education

  - successful practices of Boston College and other universities in implementing international programs and working with foreign students and researchers

  - international academic mobility

  - assessment tools for university internationalization

  - planning methods

A special lecture will be delivered by an honored guest of the program: Philip Altbach --founder of CIHE and member of the International Council of Project 5-100.

Hans de Wit, current Director of CIHE, offered these comments: “The Center for International Higher Education and the Global Leadership Institute of Boston College are happy to welcome 22 representatives of Project 5-100 universities on our campus to participate in an intensive training program devoted to internationalization.” He went on to add that “Our more than 20-year experience in the internationalization of higher education will become the basis of the curriculum, which will include my lectures, the lectures of my deputy Laura Rumbley, and those of other researchers, scientists and leading specialists from Boston College”.

The CIHE Director also told the participants about the structure of the seminar: “The program will help you to gain in-depth understanding of why you need to strive for internationalization, how to do it and what results you should expect --and also about how it happens in American higher education and what challenges we face in the process.”

During the first week, the participants were actively involved in the session, working in small teams on group tasks and their own projects, asking questions and gaining practical experience of how to internationalize their universities and develop modern strategies. While observing this process, De Wit remarked, “the participants are learning that national, local and institutional contexts are very important to determine a strategy and that there is no such thing as a single model of internationalization that is suitable for all. The American stage of the program will also feature a seminar delivered by Fiona Hunter – Deputy Director of the Center for Internationalization of Higher Education of the Sacred Heart Catholic University (Milan, Italy). This seminar will prepare the participants for the European stage of the training program.

The second seminar, contextually related to the first, will be held in the fall of 2016 in one of several European universities which have been nominated for the occasion.