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The goal of Project 5-100 is to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.

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Registration for Project 5-100 22nd Seminar-conference starts today

November 10, 2017

Simply put, a quarterly seminar-conference provides a platform for strategic exchange through module sessions, workshops and panel discussions to help the universities succeed in their work in a constantly changing environment. It collaborates with key stakeholder organizations and institutions, promotes and advances international higher education in Russia.

It hosts Lyudmila Ogorodova, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Alexander Sobolev, Department of State Policy in Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, Sergei Matveev, Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education, THE Data and Analytics Director Duncan Ross (Times Higher Education World University Rankings), live fellow at the University of Cambridge, Prof. John  T. Green,Trevor Barratt, Managing Director of TES Global Limited,  Dr. David Reggio, QS Global Head of Consulting, and other leading Russian and foreign experts.  

The conference with the theme, ‘university-industry interaction’, bring a whole set of best practices, knowledge and experiences when it comes to university-industry interaction. It aims to foster and boost innovation and entrepreneurship, partnership with business. This conference identifies and discusses key issues affecting and influencing university-industry relations, as well as develops innovative approaches to partnership and collaboration.

The event also promotes the exchange and mobility of students, staff and scholars, and the progression of academic collaboration inter-regionally and at the international level. It strives to promote best practice and policy in cooperation with various institutions and agencies, support benchmarking to advance institutions, and represent and promote this region’s views on international education to the rest of the world.

About 10 roundtables, different master classes of the world university rankings, workshops of Russian industry, including Rosatom Corporate Academy, meetings of the working group of the Association «Global Universities» and federal universities will be held.  

The Conference brings together Russia’s and international education policy-makers, practitioners and experts to network, improve professional skills and learn about new developments in the education area.

The growing attendance each year at the Conference reflects the burgeoning interest and recognition of higher education’s important role.

MEPhI team provides tours on the tour routes: university campus, laboratories etc. for the  the seminar’s participants.   

Event is free. Online Check-in is open now here.

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