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The goal of Project 5-100 is to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.

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Results of THE World Rankings for Physical Science to Be Announced at Project 5-100 Seminar in Moscow

November 11, 2015

National University of Science and Technology MISiS will host the 14th seminar conference of Project 5-100 from 18-20 November in Moscow.  The Seminar promises to showcase international speakers of a higher caliber than in the past and also to attract a greater number of relevant universities.  These will include first and second wave Project universities and other Russian schools. Among the scheduled internationally acclaimed speakers is Jamil Salmi – expert on world-class universities who until 2012 served as the coordinator of higher education projects in the World Bank. In addition, representatives of the three most reputable world university rankings (ARWU, Times Higher Education, and QS) are slated to take part.

In accordance with established tradition, the host university will share its best practices with the attendees. On 20 November, Alevtina Chernikova – Rector of MISiS - will speak about her university’s practices.

The latest results of THE Physical Sciences Ranking 2015-2016 will be announced by Phil Baty (Editor of THE Rankings) at the first discussion panel of the seminar. Baty will also deliver a workshop where he will divulge exclusive information about the positions of Russian higher education institutions outside the framework of officially published rankings. He will also explain the reasons behind the recent success of Project 5-100 universities in THE Rankings.

The following topics will be discussed at meetings and round tables of the Seminar:

-        Recruitment of international students;

-        Effective participation in international events;

-        Development of academic rankings;

-        Participation of Project 5-100 universities in international mega science projects;

-        Results of a comparative study of experiences of students in a research university;

-        Cooperation between universities and industry;

-        Development of a visually attractive university image using digital and traditional tools;

-        Optimization of research management activities and enhancing international visibility;

-        Effective internal communications;

-        Improvement of university governance;

-        Opportunities for Project 5-100 universities in the National Technological Initiative;

-        E-Campus;

-        International positioning strategies for leading Russian universities;

-        University websites as effective recruitment tools;

-        Personalized communication technologies to enhance a university’s competitive abilities.

The working groups of the Global Universities Association will also hold meetings within the framework of the seminar-conference.