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Study in Russia is available in 11 languages

January 13, 2021

Study in Russia - - one of the key websites for promoting Russian education abroad, expanded its potential audience by launching the Malay and Mongolian language versions of the site. Now information about studying in Russia is available to millions of foreign applicants speaking the 11 most common languages ​​of the world. In addition to expanding language versions, the site has been significantly modernized for the convenience of users.

Today, Study in Russia has all the information you need both for those who are just going to become a student and for those who are already studying and planning to continue their studies at the next level. In 2020, the section "Education in Russia" has been fully updated. It contains information on 205 areas of study at the country's leading universities. For foreign users, detailed information is also provided on participation in educational Olympiads, winter and summer schools, study at preparatory departments and courses, on the most popular areas of study for undergraduate, specialist, graduate and postgraduate programs.


The updated subsections allow one to study the features of medical, engineering and IT education in Russia and learn more about the possibility of studying at the most powerful Russian universities in these areas. News and articles on current events in Russian higher education will help foreign applicants to decide on the choice of a university. The updated website has also changed visually - new graphics have appeared, taking into account the national and ethnic characteristics of the target audiences.

To expand the audience and facilitate communication with applicants from the PRC and Southeast Asian countries, an official «Study in Russia» account has been created on the WeChat social network. The site has integrated the ability to directly enter a dialogue with the «Study in Russia» group on this social network. The site also has a QR-code for instantly adding a user account to the community.

The main competitive advantage of Study in Russia is that the site is the only free state platform in Russia for foreign applicants, which ensures admission to Russian universities without intermediaries and restrictions on the number of applications. A list of the best state universities of the Russian Federation has been published especially for foreigners, detailed instructions have been developed "5 steps for admission" with full informational support from the site administrators. The site also provides information on the benefits of studying in Russia, career and scientific prospects for foreigners, the specifics of migration legislation and the legalization of education documents, preparation of documents for admission to a university, life in the country (prices, climate, attractions, housing and benefits for students, kitchen, transport), as well as other interesting and useful information about Russian universities and the higher education system.