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Project 5-100 Universities Expand their Presence on Coursera

December 29, 2020

More online programs from Project 5-100 Universities have been listed on Coursera, the world’s largest online learning platform. Today, more than 70 million people build skills with Coursera courses submitted by 225 top universities and leading companies.

In December 2020, Novosibirsk State University (NSU) launched two more online courses on Coursera, increasing the number of its educational programs to 24. The training module "Basics of thermodynamics" is devoted to the basics of thermodynamics and is in demand among students of engineering, technical, and natural sciences. It will give a basic understanding of how thermal processes occur in nature and how power plants work and will allow you to learn how to solve problems associated with thermal phenomena. “The future specialist who plans to connect his work with physical phenomena will find this thermodynamics course useful for himself. Aiming at a wide range of listeners, we included in the course only the most necessary things, removing all unnecessary ones related to special issues”, - noted the main lecturer of the course Artur Pogosov, Нead of the NSU General Physics Department.


The training program "Seismic tomography: look inside the Earth", developed by specialists from NSU and USPTU, is aimed at specialists in the field of geophysics, mathematics, geochemistry, geology, petrology, engineering, as well as those who are interested in Earth sciences. “With this course, I want to break the stereotype that tomography is very difficult and that only narrow specialists with deep geophysical and mathematical education can do it,” said Ivan Kulakov, Нead of the NSU Earth seismic imaging laboratory.

NUST MISIS has presented its first English-language online course on Coursera. The educational module “Smart materials: Microscale and Macroscale Approaches” was developed with the support of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and will be of interest to anyone interested in modern materials science and the development of new technologies in biomedicine. Students will be acquainted with the intricacies of production, learn about the trends in the use of smart materials.

The first online course at Coursera was also launched by Kazan Federal University. The free program “Stayin' Alive! First aid in Emergency” teaches how to provide first aid. Classes are conducted by employees of the Department of Emergency Medical Care and Simulation Medicine of the Kazan Federal University. “The course includes both theoretical material and video of practical skills filmed using the modern equipment of the Center for Simulation and Imitation Training”, - said the co-author of the program, associate professor Julia Valeeva.


A new online course for future physicists was composed by scientists from MEPhI and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Launched on the Coursera platform, the NICA Mega-Science Project Accelerators program consists of eight modules and talks about the latest advances in high-energy physics, as well as scientific Megascience projects such as the NICA. One of the main scientific tasks of the NICA project is the study of a special state of matter (quark-gluon plasma), in which the Universe was in the first moments after the Big Bang.


The active work of the universities of Project 5-100 to popularize scientific knowledge contributes to an increase in the demand for online courses among students. According to the results of 2020, summarized by the Coursera educational platform, the Program "Fundamentals of Python Programming" from the Higher School of Economics entered the top 5 most popular courses among users from Russia. The training program (Career planning: resume/CV, cover letter, interview) posted on Coursera from TSU took first place in the international rating of Class Central among 220 best courses in the world in career development and second place among 650 courses in personal development.

The successful implementation of online courses using the most popular international educational platforms allows the universities of Project 5-100 to successfully promote the export of education and increases the popularity of Russian higher education among those who seek new knowledge and self-improvement, are interested in science, inventions and current research areas.