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Times Higher Education

Project 5-100 Universities Expand Their Presence in THE Global Ranking

September 2, 2020

British-based Times Higher Education (THE) has released the updated results of its World University Rankings 2021 (WUR) on September 2. Representation of the Russian higher education in this ranking has grown as the number of the included universities increased from 39 to 48 compared to the last year. Among the best three Russian higher education representatives in WUR are Lomonosov Moscow State University (position 174) and two Project 5-100 participants: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (group 201-250) and The Higher School of Economics (group 251-300).

A newcomer to this year's ranking became the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU). With IKBFU entering The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the number of Project 5-100 participants has now grown to twenty. Fifteen of them retained their position in THE ranking, while one university has improved its result.

“Entering Times Higher Education, one of the most recognized world rankings, is, of course, a reason to be proud of.  It is the result of years of university’s systematic work, aimed primarily at strengthening the personnel core with highly competent specialists. In this direction, the university chose not to rely on single "big" names, but invite promising teams of young researchers. In just a few years this brought us the desired result: starting at the fairly bottom position, this year the university has crossed the threshold of 1000 position over a five-year period (2015 - 2019)”, says Alexander Fedorov, Rector of the IKBFU.

This year five Russian universities have reinforced their positions in WUR, and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) is among them. SPbPU, Project 5-100 participant, has shown significant growth dynamics: the university has risen from the 601-800 to the 301-350 group over the past three years. 

“Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University showed high scores in three areas this year: the traditionally high score for the number of foreign students has been retained, the profitability from industry score increased and the citation score showed a positive dynamic. Such results were made possible by Polytech policy of carrying out systematic effort to increase the profitability from R&D and to disseminate the results of research activities of our scientists. We have increased the amount of significant large-scale conferences with recognized international experts. We continue in further involvement of young people in scientific and project activities. Our strategy focused on cooperation with the academic community and industrial partners on the national and global scale brings a synergistic effect,” noted Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Rector of SPbPU Andrey Rudskoy.

The published part of the ranking has been expanded and contains more than 1500 participants as compared to the last year. Times Higher Education evaluates universities by all of their activities. To ensure a complete and balanced comparison, experts use 13 carefully calibrated indicators that measure an institution’s performance across teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

Russian universities demonstrated the strongest positions in “Income from production activities (knowledge transfer)” indicator. Thirty-three universities received top scores in this particular area of work. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University) and the National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI" (both universities are Project 5-100 participants) received 100 points out of 100 possible.

Among the 12 Russian universities that received 50 points and more in "International interaction" score, 11 are part of the Project 5-100, with TSU leading the group. Three more universities were also included in the top five: NUST MISIS, NRNU MEPhI, NRU ITMO.

“We see a clear trend towards the systemic expansion of Project 5-100 universities presence in the ranking. If 2014 THE list included only one university participating in the competitiveness enhancement program (Novosibirsk National Research State University), in 2015 their number increased to 9, in 2019 to 19, and this year it’s 20 universities”, - noted the head of Project 5-100 Project Office, Acting Director of "Sociocenter", Biology PhD Boris Filippov.

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