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NP "Curonian Spit" and the Baltic Federal University named after I. Kant (IKBFU) united to win grants.

August 24, 2020

The specialists of the national park and the IKBFU will implement projects for participation in international grant programs. They also will exchange scientific and technical information, conduct scientific research, joint events, and consultations. The partners plan to carry out activities aimed at protecting the natural and cultural heritage of the Curonian Spit.

It should be noted that the National Park and the IKBFU have been successfully implementing joint projects for a long time. For example, in 2014, at the suggestion of the university, an open-air museum "Ancient Sambia" was launched in the park. This is a historical reconstruction of a Viking age settlement that lived a thousand years ago on the territory of modern Lithuania, Poland and the Kaliningrad region adjacent to the Curonian and Vistula Lagoon. Scientists have done a great job of collecting information for making replicas of ancient utensils and recreating the way of life of people of that era.

In 2018, these organizations also signed an agreement and collaborated on the FIFA World Cup. The experience was considered good practice for both parties. Therefore, two years later, the partnership was relaunched again and will expand the boundaries of interaction.

The director of the national park Anatoly Kalina said: “We will work on scientific and educational environmental projects, carry out volunteer actions, as well as carry out joint information promotion.”

Alexander Fedorov, Rector of the IKBFU said: “Within the framework of our cooperation with such a significant object for the development of the Kaliningrad region as the Curonian Spit, we will support environmental volunteering, participation in projects and events at the federal, regional, municipal levels as well as the intention to involve students in educational, scientific, cultural events of the National Park. We also plan to implement and publish joint scientific articles and magazines, carry out information and educational interaction. "

After the end of the ceremony, the delegation visited the Ancient Sambia Museum and appreciated the positive changes that had taken place in the complex over 6 years.