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The goal of Project 5-100 is to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.

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Project 5-100 Universities Winning Over QS Subject Ratings

April 30, 2015

According to QS (Quacquarelli Symonds), the universities participating in Project 5-100 have improved positions in international ratings in 9 subject areas. Project 5-100 universities have risen in the rankings not only in sciences, but also in social studies and humanities.

Impressive results have been demonstrated by Novosibirsk State University: the university was placed in the 101-150 group in the subject ratings “Physics and Astronomy” and “Mathematics”. In addition, NSU made it into four more ratings “Philosophy” (151-200), “Modern Languages” (251-300), “Chemistry” (251-300), “Information and Information Technology” (301-400).

The Higher School of Economics also made its debut in four subject ratings, actually entering the top 100 in one of these ratings - “Socioeconomic and political studies”. HSE is also in the top 200 in three other areas: “Economics and Econometrics” (151-200), “Philosophy” (151-200) and “Sociology” (151-200).

MEPhI broke into the top 100 in the field of physics and astronomy (51-100); it was also represented in “Mathematics” (301-400). MIPTwas also listed by QS in the same ratings (“Physics and Astronomy” - 151-200; and “Mathematics” - 301-400).

Tomsk State University was listed in the top 400 of the by-subject rating “Modern Languages”. The Siberian university and St. Petersburg Polytechnic also appeared in the physics and astronomy rating for the first time (301-400 and 201-250, respectively).

This year Russian higher education is represented by 10 universities in the ratings-by-subject. Overall, Russian universities occupied 46 positions. The best result among national universities was demonstrated by Lomonosov Moscow State University which made it into 20 ratings-by-subject. It is followed by St. Petersburg State University (represented in 7 ratings). Bauman State technical University and Novosibirsk State Technical University are listed in 1 subject rating each.

American and British universities continue to dominate QS rankings by subject. However, this year the rating also includes 60 other countries represented by at least one university. QS World University Rankings by Subject are based on such criteria as academic reputation, reputation among employers and the citation index which helps to evaluate a university’s academic productivity.