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The goal of Project 5-100 is to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.

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The expertise of Project 5-100 in the new Government program for Russian universities.

July 23, 2020

This autumn the participants of the new Strategic Academic Excellence Program will have a chance to compete for the status of National Research University or National Flagship University. Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia Valery Falcov announced that decision on a meeting with Russian universities rectors, members of the academic and expert community.

Valery Falcov noted that the new project would be available for all the universities in Russia – state, private, federal and regional universities. The Program was created for ambitious leaders and their teams, for the specialists who strive to become the national champions. The Universities, which do not enter the member list of the Program, may apply and get the candidate status as well.             

On July 13, 2020, Tatyana Golikova, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, reported the Strategic Academic Excellence Program to President Vladimir Putin at a session of the Council for Strategic Development and National Projects. The program was preliminarily approved by rectors of the universities and was focused on integration into the overall agenda of the scientific and technological development of the country. Tatyana Golikova marked the importance of increasing cooperation of universities, scientific institutions, and organizations in the real sector of the economy. It directly leads to the optimization of the approaches and amendment of research and educational centers in Russia. In fact, the new Program combines the positive features and background of the former higher educational programs for universities such as Project 5-100 and the other state programs aimed to development of national research, federal and flagship regional universities.

Nadezhda Polikhina, Head of Project 5-100 Office and Acting Director of “Sociocenter”, noticed that the positive Project 5-100 experience, its best practices and instruments, would be valuable and helpful in gaining the challenging targets of the new Strategic Academic Excellence Program.

The Program has reached the final stage of the run-up stage. The Experts from the Russian Academy of Sciences, universities and different scientific and educational associations took part in a thorough discussion of its concept and ground rules. Soon, the draft of the decree will be submitted to the Government of the Russian Federation for approval. Finalization of the regulatory changes, requirements for tender documentation and methodological recommendations for participation in Project will proceed at the same time.

Valery Falkov, said at the meeting with the rector’s community that the launch of Strategic Academic Excellence Program is scheduled in September or early October. The competition within the Program between universities may start in late October - early November 2020.