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The goal of Project 5-100 is to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.

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Russian Ministry for Science and Higher Education Seeks to Double Number of Publicly Funded University Places for Foreign Students

February 14, 2020

Russia's Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Alexey Medvedev has said that his ministry is looking to double the number of government-funded university places available to international students by 2024.

Speaking at a parliamentary hearing on international student recruitment to Russian universities, he voiced the possibility of increasing these allocations in step with the scheduled growth in total international student enrollment, to meet a strategic goal set by President Vladimir Putin. This means that the quota would be expanded steadily until 2024 by which time it would have doubled.

Alexey Medvedev also spoke of the desirability of making more publicly funded university places available to certain categories of international students. These are, firstly, students being trained as “national cadres” for other countries; secondly, people with Russian or Soviet Union roots and their descendants living abroad who would seek to become Russian citizens after taking their degrees; thirdly, talented foreign nationals who have won international Olympiads.

In addition, the Deputy Minister suggested that, for short-term courses, universities might be awarded quotas to be filled up with foreign nationals from specified countries.

One tool that the Russian government has used since 2013 to help universities attract international students is Project 5-100, a state-funded program designed to make this country's top higher education providers more competitive globally.