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The goal of Project 5-100 is to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.

Latest news Broadens Audience by Launching Turkish-Language Version

November 22, 2019, which seeks to promote Russian higher education worldwide, has launched a Turkish-language version of its website to reach out to more than 79 mln native Turkish speakers around the globe.

 The portal is a compendium of information about Russian higher education. It offers a list of this country's best universities, a step-by-step application guide and an intuitive on-site search tool that enables prospective students to choose from more than 3,500 Russian and English-taught degree programs (bachelor's, master's, PhD, medical residency), foundation programs, and summer and winter schools. Each educational product is described in detail, including supervisor contacts and tuition fees.

 Applicants can contact universities directly and free of charge by creating a personal account on the website and using it to email university officials who will respond within 10 working days. provides detailed information on English-taught degree programs, foundation and short-term courses as well as international Olympiads run by Russian universities. The rules and regulations governing legalization and recognition of Russian and international academic degrees are clearly spelled out on a dedicated page. Elsewhere on the website, one can consult international student testimonials and a batch of infographics showing Russian institutions' standings in the global university league tables and learn how to obtain a student visa, register with the immigration authorities or find a student job.

 A section about life in Russia covers a variety of topics from consumer prices and rent, public transport, healthcare and host cities to climate, national customs and festivals and leisure.

The Articles section offers useful tips on how to prepare for entrance examinations, reach the campus and settle into the new environment.

The website is now available in nine languages:  Russian, English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Turkish.