World-Class Russian Education!

The goal of Project 5-100 is to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.

Project 5-100 Contributes to Space Exploration

Project 5-100 commits the leading Russian universities to increasing their research potential and provides stimuli to create world class intellectual products. As a contributor to achieving these goals, S.P.Korolyov Samara National Research University launched a programme to build a cluster of small satellites of the Aist series.

New approaches to safe implantation

What scientists of the Project 5-100 universities offer in order to help patients avoid postoperative complications.

The Future of Power Engineering

The achievements by Project 5-100 universities that bring us a step closer to the alternative energy era.

Project 5-100 31st Seminar Held Online

“What to teach and how to teach it in 2020?” - the key topic of the two-day discussion.  

Russian-German Scientific and Educational Partnership Year Results

Project 5-100 universities were awarded diplomas for holding events within the contest “Russia and Germany: Scientific and Educational Bridges”.

Seven universities of Project 5-100 became а part of World-Class Research Centers

These consortia will conduct research and elaborate their own projects in the National Science and Technology Priority Areas which are the basis for the innovative development of the domestic market for products and services, as well as Russia's stable position in the foreign market.

Project 5-100 Universities Expand Their Presence in THE Global Ranking

Representation of the Russian higher education in this ranking has grown as the number of the included universities increased from 39 to 48 compared to the last year.

A new method of scientists from Tyumen State University in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

A team of scientists from Tyumen State University and the National University of Singapore managed to adjust the biological purification system of neurons to restore memory. This method has great potential for treating Alzheimer's disease.

NP "Curonian Spit" and the Baltic Federal University named after I. Kant (IKBFU) united to win grants.

The specialists of the national park and the IKBFU will implement projects for participation in international grant programs. They also will exchange scientific and technical information, conduct scientific research, joint events, and consultations.

The first Russian Geopark is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List

The Yangan-Tau Bashkir Geopark has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in July 2020 thanks to the activities of scientists from Kazan Federal University, Project 5-100 participant.