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Цель Проекта 5-100 – максимизация конкурентной позиции группы ведущих российских университетов на глобальном рынке образовательных услуг и исследовательских программ.

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Russian universities wake up to the benefits of globalisation

03 марта 2016 года
Автор: Tessa Akerman
Источник: The Australian

Russia is making a concerted effort to improve the standing of its universities with a focus on ­attracting foreign students and professors, and climbing international rankings.

Project 5-100 was launched in 2013 with a goal of placing five Russian universities in the top 100 by 2020. In last year’s Times Higher Education world rankings, the top Russian university — Lomon­osov Moscow State University — ranked 161.

Nadezhda Polikhina, deputy executive director of the project, said: “The goal is to improve Russia’s system of higher education as a whole and to give the universities the opportunity to develop and internationalise.

“The main goal is the globali­sation of Russian universities, the enhancement of competi­tiveness in the global market and to push them to compete with world leading universities to ­attract the best professors, the best students from abroad and to develop research potential and scientific potential.”

The universities participating in Project 5-100 compete for ­additional funding from the government on the basis of the number of publications, citations, foreign students, foreign professors, revenue from innovation operations and positions in international rankings.

Ms Polikhina, who is in Melbourne for the Asia-Pacific ­Asso­ciation for Inter­national Edu­cation conference, said Russian universities had a long history but they had not focused on the international market until ­recently, with articles published solely in Russian and many universities not open to foreigners.