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Цель Проекта 5-100 – максимизация конкурентной позиции группы ведущих российских университетов на глобальном рынке образовательных услуг и исследовательских программ.

СМИ о проекте

Better Tools for Improved Understanding of Mitochondrial Polarisation in Stem Cells

11 декабря 2019 года
Фото: Pixabay
Источник: Technology.org

Researchers from Sechenov University (Project 5-100 participant) and University College Cork (Ireland) developed a new method for studying mitochondrial polarisation in live cells and tissues. This approach enables studies of mitochondria in live cells, tissues and organoids and complements existing microscopy methods. The research was published in Cytometry Part A.

Mitochondria play important roles in the live cell, providing energy, taking part in the regulation of the cell cycle and programmed cell death. However, capacities to study mitochondria in a quantitative manner and within the live cell are still rather limited. Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) enables deeper understanding of mitochondrial function. The method is based on the environment-sensitive (polarity, temperature and other conditions) emission of fluorescent dyes, proteins and nanoparticles. Modern FLIM microscopes allow to measure fluorescence lifetime in sub-nanosecond time range and help reconstructing two- and three-dimensional images of live cells, tissues or organoids. This method is already actively used in studies of tissue oxygenation and hypoxia, pH and cellular redox status.

Оригинал статьи: https://www.technology.org/2019/12/11/better-tools-for-improved-understanding-of-mitochondrial-polarisation-in-stem-cells/